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Salon Policy



Because we are a one at a time operation , short notice cancelations/changing schedule affect us greatly and creates a loss for us as we are unable to fill that scheduled slot with another client immediately.

When you receive your confirmation message ,We kindly ask you to confirm your appointment 24 hrs prior to your appointment.

From the 2nd time short notice cancellation/changing schedule in 24 hrs, we charge 30% of the full grooming price at the next appointment.


We require our clients to bring their pets proof of annual vaccination from Veterinary for the safety of our staff and your pet.

<Tags are not accepted as proof>

No show

- Not showing without prior notice -


For a booking after 2

No-Shows,we will be unable to accept you as a client unless you pay 100% of the last appointment up front on top of the full grooming price.

Tick & Flea

Our salon is free from Tick & Flea

We reserve the right to refuse service if your pet has tick or flea.

If we find tick or flea on your pet, your appointment will be canceled immediately.

Sanitization fee $30 will be charged.


We cannot guarantee your appointment spot If you are more than15 minutes late from the original appointment time. This is to prevent accidents caused by speeding up the session.

If you are late to your appointment consistently, penalty fees may be applied.

Please be sure to be on time for your appointment. 

Time Manners

To provide each clients pet a safe and cozy environment at our salon, we appreciate that out clients have good time manners and be punctual.

We appreciate your co-operation to be on time to drop off and pick up. *We do not do day care.

KonnichiPaw Grooming will not be held responsible for allergic reactions from our products.

KonnichiPaw Grooming is not accountable, liable or responsible for any pre-existing medical, or of these conditions becoming aggravated or worsened (i.e. heart condition, joint conditions, dental/ear conditions, eye problems, recent surgery and so forth) that could be affected during your dog's visit.


KonnichiPaw Grooming advises that severely matted dogs see a veterinarian to remove the coat. shaving mats increases risks such as hematoma (localized collection of blood outside the blood vessels) irritation and rashes. If KonnichiPaw Grooming is directed to remove all matting from your dog, we are not held liable for any skin conditions or injuries that may be revealed, aggravated, caused or worsened by removal of your dogs's coat.

If your dog becomes sick or injured in the care of KonnichiPaw Grooming, we will immediately contact you.If we are unable to contact you, KonnichiPaw Grooming will be the designated agent and use the service of a veterinarian and the expense shall be paid by you.


Grooming a dog has potential dangers each and every time due to dog movement, behavioural issues (dog aggression), sensitive skin and sharp equipment required for the service(s). KonnichiPaw Grooming is not held responsible or liable for any injuries or illnesses.

KonnichiPaw Grooming has the right to deny any services to any dog that displays potential dangers to themselves, and employee or to another dog while in the salon. KonnichiPaw Grooming has the right to use a muzzle for the well-being and safety of your dog or a KonnichiPaw Grooming employee. 


KonnichiPaw reserves the right to change conditions/adjust rates without notice.


The need to remove matted hair is a necessity. When a coat becomes tangled beyond the ability to brush or comb through it, the most humane method is to shave off the matted hair. Saving may seem severe, but it is the fastest and least stressful way to groom a matted pet.

Matted coats can cause the following problems:

- Skin irritation caused by dirt, dander, and parasites trapped under matted fur.

- Sores and hair loss: As mats get tighter, they eventually pull out of the skin, causing bald spots and sore skin. 

It is not uncommon to find pre-existing conditions such as hot spots, sores, and other skin issues once the matted coat is removed. There is also a chance that your pet's skin may become irritated from being clipped so close. 

Please be sure to schedule a follow up appointment to speak to our groomer for the best methods of maintaining your dog's coat.

*Because the procedure takes extreme care and extra time fee will be applied in addition to the regular groom.

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